Three Hacks to Make Your Dry Shampoo Work Harder

With these hacks you will never look at dry shampoo the same way again.

Introducing the new A'kin Oil Control Range


Stop Making Skincare Mistakes and Treat Oily Skin Naturally

A’kin Introduces The New Mild & Preventative Oil Control Range with Absorbing Bamboo Powder

The Oil Control Range works with absorbing bamboo powder to remove excess oils without stripping out good skin oils.



Coconut Water and Green Tea Range

Discover the secret to beautifully hydrated skin with the latest A’kin range enriched with Organic Coconut Water and Green Tea.

Green tea naturally contains "catechins" which are part of the most powerful family of antioxidants in the plant kingdom helping to keep your skin protected.

Introducing our new natural deodorant - Triclosan Aluminium and Zinc Free | A'kin


Introducing our new natural deodorant

Find out why you should be introducing A'kin Natural Deodorant into your daily routine.

Our natural deodorant not only have antiseptic properties to help control the growth of bacteria but also have an aromatherapy based calming and uplifting effect.