A'kin Natural Deodorant Range A'kin Natural Deodorant Range

Why use a natural deodorant?

Traditional antiperspirants contain heavy metals like aluminium as well as nasty ingredients such as triclosan and zinc to clog the underarm pores in order to prevent the release of sweat & toxins that our bodies naturally need to expel. A build-up of sweat under the skin may increase penetration of undesirable chemicals, causing bumpy and irritated underarm skin. We believe minimising the absorption of potentially harmful chemicals can only be beneficial for our bodies.

Did you know?


Sweat alone doesn’t actually smell!
After all, it’s mostly just water.

What creates the smell is bacteria
on the skin that feeds off the sweat.

The A’kin Natural Deodorant Difference

Deodorant is applied regularly on a particularly sensitive area of your body where it is absorbed through the skin. Switching to a natural deodorant means that your body will no longer absorb potentially harmful ingredients such as aluminium & triclosan. A’kin deodorants are safe and effective. Not only do they contain natural ingredients which are safe to be absorbed by the body, they have been scientifically proven to control odour by slowing down the activity of bacterial enzymes that degrade sweat and release odour.

✓ Safe and effective

✓ Easy to apply and leaves no mess. Just roll or spray onto cleansed underarm area and feel confident you will be protected all day!

✓ No white marks

✓ Refreshing cooling sensation when applied

✓ Sought after fragrances

No Nasties

No Bicarb

Sodium bicarbonate is alkaline in nature and can disrupt the skin barrier.

No Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol can be irritating to the skin.

No Aluminium

Aluminium Salts, found in antiperspirants, clog pores and suffocate skin.

No Zinc

Zinc Phenolsulfonate is toxic when inhaled. Accumulates in the environment and damages our ecosystem.

No Triclosan

Triclosan is a harsh antibacterial that kills good bacteria. Accumulates in the environment and damages our ecosystem.

A'kin roll-on deodorants are clinically proven to control odour for 24 hours*
A'kin spray deodorants deodorise all day^
Antiperspirant Natural Deodorant
How it works
Clogs pores to stop the flow of sweat needed to cool & detoxify the body.
Build-up of sweat under the skin may increase penetration of nasty chemicals which can lead to allergies and irritation.
Sweating is the body’s natural way of regulating temperature. A’kin natural deodorants do not clog pores to prevent sweating.
A’kin natural deodorants contain carefully selected ingredients with low allergy and irritation profiles, allowing sweat & natural toxins to be released.
Harmful chemicals with negative toxicology profiles are often used in antiperspirants and mainstream deodorants. Contains a natural deodorising active that doesn’t block the sweat glands. It works by controlling the micro-organisms responsible for degrading sweat & causing odour. Therefore underarm skin is still able to breathe.
Most actives used in antiperspirants have negative environmental impacts and can accumulate in the environment. Biodegradable ingredients that don’t accumulate in the environment.
Generally contain synthetic fragrances. A’kin natural deodorants contain natural essential oils with aromatherapy benefits.

Making the switch

It can take up to 4 weeks for your body to fully transition to natural deodorant, especially after years of using traditional deodorants & antiperspirants! Please be patient with the process & consider carrying an A’kin natural deodorant with you on the go to freshen up throughout the day while your body detoxifies and adjusts!

Discover The Range


Clinically proven 24HR ODOUR CONTROL*
Helps absorb wetness leaving you feeling dry and fresh
Convenient, easy to apply roll-on format – no mess!


Feel confident and DEODORISED ALL DAY^
Leaves skin clean, refreshed and comfortable
Convenient, easy to apply spray format – no mess!

*Results based on a clinical study by an independent laboratory.
^Results based on an independent laboratory self-assessment study.